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Jenn Peppers

Verge Coaching was founded by Jenn Peppers in 2002 because of her enthusiasm for guiding people through seasons of change. Transition is confusing, but also replete with opportunities for growth and gaining new insights. Verge Coaching helps clients dare to engage change in a way that leads to greater freedom and authenticity.

Jenn understands transitions and transformation. She has lived in several different states, had a major spiritual awakening in her mid-20s, has been through three major career transitions, left a corporate HR career to start her coaching practice, got married after 37 years of being single, three years later became a mother (through adoption), and confronted cancer at the age of 44.  Her journey has included years of wrestling with the very things that hold many of her clients back.


  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC, International Coaches Federation) and Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC, Coaches Training Institute)
  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Co-authored a leadership book (published in 2008 by IVP) that draws on her experience in coaching, leadership development, team facilitation, and conflict awareness
  • Created On the Verge, a unique discovery process has helped hundreds of career transition clients gain wisdom, direction and alignment
  • Board of Directors of membership organization for life coaches
  • Successful career in HR management prior to becoming a life coach
  • Board of Directors experience with multiple non-profit organizations 

Soul Leadership

When who we are aligns with how we show up in our roles, we feel deeply satisfied, authentic, and free of shame. Verge Coaching helps leaders calibrate with their deepest values and greatest strengths… it connects us to our truest selves.

"Soul leadership begins with the willingness to be someone other than who the world wants you to be."
--Janet Hagberg

Leadership for Teams

Teams and organizations are more innovative and collaborative when there is trust, vulnerability, open communication, and conflict resolution. Verge Coaching helps leaders look within and awaken to new possibilities.

Leadership for Small Groups

FTF CoverJenn Peppers co-authored the book Finding the Flow: A Guide for Leading Small Groups and Gatherings. (2009, IVP) "Practical yet profound. Finding the Flow  is a necessary companion for anyone involved in small group leadership and development."

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